Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hudugaata-Movie Review

This is Ganesh's 3rd film as a hero... well not sure if it did become a big hit... but after the violence that marked the first day first show of the movie... it seems to be in news definitely.
I watched the movie long time back in june, did not get the time to blog.. now I get some time so here is what I felt about the movie...
The story line is very close to mungaru male in some sense...the basic difference its that in mungaru male the hero doesn't get his heroin in this he does... :)
well Ganesh has done a good job with his acting... Rekha her usual oomph!!! A lot of comedy sequences... to add... a nice entertainment...
Well the whole story doesn't imprint itself on the mungaaru male line... but u can surely see the attempt towards the end.... The story is about a long journey of Ganesh and Rekha to kanyakumari... this is THE story if u want to think so... well noting much to look for in this movie.. not on par with the expectations of a lot of fans of Ganesh..