Sunday, August 26, 2007

Everything u desire- HarshDeep Jolly

This book by Harsh Deep, an alumni of IIMB, is a brief description of what one can expect to have when in the campus.
Personally I am not too happy with the way the book is written, not too great as a start off.. think he could have done a better job.. The narration is not all that great either... the only thing u can look forward to in the book... what to expect in the 2 yrs on campus, how u grow ur frnd circle and things like it.
The book has content to deliver but doesn't stand in any comparison to the creativity of Chetan Bhagat- "the 5 . some1"... well that differs from individual to individual rt... may be was expecting a bit more here... A bit more creativity form Harsh would have made it really big...
The story revolves arnd the main character hash and his set of friends... well this is harshdeep himself... and others are a combination of some of his close associates in college... deals the love life of a few ppl really nicely... and finally realizes what he goofed up himself.. this was sort of the only deviation from the otherwise badly narrated book... well pardon me if it sounds harsh but its my personal opinion.