Sunday, October 14, 2007

"The Goal"-E.M.Goldratt

Oh! what a book on manufacturing... I am just bowled out. Just superb....

We have a course in operations management in this term and guess what, this novel is a read for the course... What a book this is... Really well narrated, its very easy for plant managers to map to this charter - Alex Rogo mentioned in the book.

The book gives a clear idea about the concepts that are to be looked at when making a manufacturing decision. The book gives the understanding that its not just the modern technology that will ensure success to the plant or may be to a division. It is more about understanding the constrains that a system has, the way to handle these constrains. It gives a thought on the financial picture that a company is in... the actual implications that might be present in the figures, and what it actually means to the firm.

The analogies that are given in this to book to a manufacturing process... is just too good. The thought process of Al, in the book shows the involvement that a manger is to have in order to succeed in this career.

The book clearly states the vision that a manager needs to have to be able to successfully manage an ailing plant/division....- He is to know "what to change?", "what to change to?" and "how to change?"

In the later part of the book after the novel is complete Goldratt gives his experiences after the book was published.. its worth a read...Some of the plant managers who read the book also reverted back to ask if Goldratt had been trying to get his book on their plant situation... its that real!!!

To conclude... its just an awesome book...worth a read.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

chuck de India

Wow... finally a movie that is about India's National Game - Hockey. While we find a lot of movies on cricked already appear in Bollywood this is one different from those.
I appreciate this movie for the message of team work that is driven into the audience. SRK plays the role of coach Kabir Khan... Kabir has his own set of problem... he wants to prove his ability and his patriotism...
Kabir who was thrown out of the national team for missing a goal and let Pakistan win, has a hard time living with the disappointment, the allegation of being a traitor and much more... he has tried to comprehend his thoughts and is finding it hard to realize his dream of getting India the cup in hockey....
Kabir is given a team that has a lot of differences.... typical of India... Kabir realized the goal disorientation - the attempt to prove oneself superior than other in the team, internal politics and much more. Kabir handles all these problems, then has some problem with the board and finally gets the permission to go ahead.
With all this in the background Kabir and his team of girls win the world cup at Sydney.

The movie is one to cherish for quite some time to come thanks to the concept that it intends to deliver and the great 'slogan' - " chuck de chuck de India..."

My Father - Gandhi

This is one of the recent films I saw. This is one of the better movies I have seen off late. This movie is about Mahatma Gandhi's eldest son Hari.
This Akshay Khanna has played the role of Hari Das Mohan Das karma chand Gandhi, to life.
The movie depicts the internal conflict that Hari had to under go; his difference of opinions with his father. In his search for his own life which he did not intend to spend in the shadow of the great M K Gandhi, he falters and falters.... in every mode of his life. Some times it looks as though, Bapu did not understand Hari's aspirations, just went ahead with his own ideals and this is what forced Hari to take the route he did. Hari had big dreams for himself... he wanted to be a barrister like his father, he did not understand the orientation that Bapu had given to his own life. Bapu was an Icon with great principles and practices, but, Hari was an open challenge to him in most aspects. Hari wanted to study further, but was not gaining the necessary support nor the real passion to go ahead and make it big.
Having faced a lot of failure in his life, he had made his own world view, it is in this world view that he tied himself up, his want for an independent recognition and some easy way to get rich; got him to live his life in such a way as to question Gandhiji's ideology.

The movie depicts the struggle that a son faces when he has an Iconic father.... really a thought to ponder over.... there is an old saying In Kannada... which means there is not much grass under a banyan tree.