Monday, June 16, 2008

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - Robin Sharma

I read this book after reading "Who will cry..." by Robin Sharma. In many aspects it was like reading the executive summary before the actual book...blessed me (I surely think its so!!!)... I knew exactly what I can take out....(then I sure did miss some other aspects... may be as I reflect on what I read through when I decide to would derive some other aspects as well).

The story is about a very successful lawyer finding his life's purpose!!! I would like to put up the memory pegs, so that we can gain the maximum out of this review... so here are the pegs along with what they stand for-
  1. The Magnificent Garden -> Master your mind
  2. The Towering Lighthouse -> Follow your purpose
  3. The Sumo Wrestler -> Practice Kaizen
  4. The Pink Wire Cable -> Live with Discipline
  5. The Gold Stopwatch -> Respect your time
  6. The Fragrant Roses -> Selflessly serve others
  7. The Path of Diamonds -> Embrace the present
This is a memory aid which helps us live our life more fully and gain the maximum out of it...after all isn't it that we actually want...our full utilization of our time and resources will give a un-explainable and strange solace in our life...
This book is really a good one to read... thats my personal feeling... but may be the perspective you need to look at would be a bit different. You need to be in the state of mind to actually be able to appreciate what the yogi Julian needs to say... the context change would not let you appreciate the book with the same intensity as mentioned in the book...
The very creative fable is another point of appreciation... I am writing a book on similar lines and think there is definitely something I would take from this read of mine :). So it was all the more advantageous to read it now...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Greatest Salesman in the World - OG Mandino

I had purchased this book long back...almost 2 yrs earlier...hadnt read the book till just a couple of days back.
During my internship at Quetzal, Bhushan had mentioned about the book and I recalled I had the book in my this was on my "to read list" when I got back to Bangalore...
OG Mandiono has been regarded by many as one of the most widely read inspirational author. His books have been aclaimed to have changed the life of many...There is also a sequel to this book which I havent got my hands on... and am waiting to read...lets see when I get hold of it...
The book is about a world greatest salesman of his age and the principle he followed to reach the height he actually reached....the lessons to the salesmen are in the form of chapters in the book...each having one of which inspires us to give more to the work we do...
In brief these are the take aways...
  1. Today I begin a new Life
  2. I will greet this day with love in my heart
  3. I will persist until I succeed
  4. I am nature's greatest miracle
  5. I will live this day as if it is my last
  6. Today I will be the master of my emotion
  7. I will laugh at the world
  8. Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold
  9. I will act now
  10. Believe in your strengths and ask for guidance
Read the book if you are in a low phase and am sure each of these 10 lessons will help you transform your life.

Who Will Cry When You Die - Robin Sharma

Seems like the summary of my learnings till now...that is exactly how I felt when I read this book....I would definitely put is on my must read books....
The way the book has been presented - a very simple and elegant fashion... I dont have to read through tons of pages to get this summary... 101 points to note...and each point not having more than 3 pages of illustration!!! awesome... To know what these points are read this book.
The lessons are so simple...yet powerful...follow them and see yourself transform...reveal the true potential that you possess into the daily acts....