Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blink - Malcolm Gladwell

'Blink' - the power of thinking without thinking; is an interesting book in the sense that it talks about the small split second in which we make the first perceptions.
I had never seen that fraction of a second; the first feel, the first look so seriously though I had been using it unconsciously since birth. Some questions always used to linger about how this is possible - this book gives me the answers I was looking for.
The book talks about concepts like - thin slicing, snap judgment, behind closed doors etc... when understood in greater detail help us build on these and strengthen our first impressions there by
For people interested in knowing more about psychology, and the way we function unconsciously... this is definitely a must read.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Every Step is here to stay

Every Step is here to stay

None was built in a single day

It a journey not a stay,

Like the marks on clay

Every Step is here to stay.

Every single step has something to say

It’s not the goal but the way,

Showing us light farther away

Every Step is here to stay.

Life with its twist and turn

Makes us earn,

A moment left not to return,

Filling life with fun;

Leaving no heart burn,

Every Step is here to stay

It’s not in one single spot

Connecting every single dot

Looking back, making a plot

More beautiful than you thought!

Every Step is here to stay

- Chi

First, break all the rules - Markus Buckingham

This book was gifted to me by the Quetzal group when I was interning with them. I started reading this book on the journey back from Mumbai. I couldn’t concentrate too much while traveling that time so stopped reading and the book was lying aside for quite a long time.

Recently while doing my routine Business Development stuff I thought of looking back at the book. It’s just amazing how we can effectively use this book to foster excellence in organizations. The book challenges the conventional wisdom and explains how the most successful managers handle the situation. This book is very revealing and I would say a must read to every manager. We manager need to understand that we are catalysts to the process…

The book deals with 4 key ways which the great managers have in common and how this can be used to enhance the effectiveness of others. The four keys are
- Selection of talent
- Definition of outcomes
- Strength’s focus
- Finding the right fit

To know more about these 4 keys to improve your managerial effectiveness I would definitely suggest a read. A must read for all managers

Leadership wisdom from the monk who sold his ferrari

Robin Sharma doesn’t stop to inspire me. Every time I read his books I get all the more thrilled to work towards something more meaningful. May be the start up phase of my company also has something to do in me appreciating the points he puts across.

This one is the latest of this books I have read. Ya! There is a new collection of all his works a set of 9 books – some day I will get that collection (a good gift too I can say). I have read 4 of his books and get all the more involved in them.

Leadership wisdom is an awesome book the 8 rituals he suggest towards increasing leadership effectiveness is a compilation of the leadership knowledge this far from history. The way he weaves a story around the rituals makes it even more exciting. I think the apt review of this book would be to list the 8 rituals of Leadership here and let the interested people read through the book. So here goes the list.

  1. The ritual of a compelling future force
  2. The ritual of human relations
  3. The ritual of team unity
  4. The ritual of adaptability and change management
  5. The ritual of personal effectiveness
  6. The ritual of self-leadership
  7. The ritual of creativity and innovation
  8. The ritual of contribution and significance

These rituals are aptly designed to help us improve our leadership capabilities. So if you are searching for the book which would help you do that; here’s one.