Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plunnge - Rakesh Godwani

When I completed reading my last book - Simply fly; I was looking for something light and quick read. I had borrowed this book - Plunnge by a collegue of mine at IIMB - Rakesh Godwani, so began reading this.

The long weekend was an ideal time to start off a this book and I must admit, its a pretty engaging read! I was quick to acknowlege it to him on his Facebook wall saying I was enjoying the read.

Given that the book as a set of 15 short real life stories about people who dared to "reinvent" themselves by taking the "plunge". The short crisp stories with a learning that Rakesh has picked up was very usefull to reitererate the lessons learnt - a good style!

I also see that Rakesh has made an attempt to creating a theory here, and has used the different stories to evolve the theory. This differentiates it from just a lot of stories of people who took a differnt path or plunge; there are numerous lessons that Rakesh has put across in the book, and I wouldnt break the suspense out here.

For a first book, I must admit this is a great start - waiting for more Rakesh. When is the next one coming up?

Go grab this book and read it!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Simply fly - Captain Gopinath

Its been quite a long time since I had completed reading any book, and this long weekend gave me some time for this cherished activity - reading (4 days!)

Stories of entrepreneurs have always excited me. My list of books too indicate the same. This one was special as it was gifted by Intel for me having spoken at one of their promotional events.

When I began reading this book, the narration took me back to some of the childhood menories of my village - the fun and frolic; I had experienced as a kid. The narration of the various phases of life and challenges that Captain Gopinath experienced has been really captivating.

The part of the book I loved the most was where Captain is out to set up Deccan Aviation - initially the helicopter and later on the Air planes. What got me involved so much with it was the scale of the operation that was attempted and especially when Captain started off with nothing! Hats off!

Captain ends the book about his current baby - the end-to-end logistics company. Wish him all the best.

Personally my respect for Capt Gopinath has grown after I have read this book and wish I could meet him some time in life.

Dont miss reading this book - a whole host of experience to gain from!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Lost Starry Sky

The Lost Starry Sky

A black blanket above me, with small spots - the stars,
Some twinkling, some shooting, looking as though at wars;
Far off, I hear the sea roar,
And occasionally tearing blanket a shooting star soar;

As it where it where to teach me!
Giving me the freedom - The white dots on a black paper;
With my creative ink - draw I could, linking the dots;
Not bound only by my thoughts,
I created structures in the sky;
With just dots and my creative eye.

My childlike innocence today looks like nonsense!
A busy day, and a tiered night
Within the four wall I see no light!

My bound mind's eye, - Now sees no more;
The structures I created are just a thought turned sore;

Evaluating today, I create;
I say some good, some bad; some possible some difficult;
The sieve of prudence, and convention has just let go of the fluid mind;
All I have today is bound by the routine, the definite; limiting me!

No dots to connect, all I look at today is only walls that bind

- Chi

In this poem, I have tried to get to the table 2 aspects which I closely feel about
  1. The lost child hood creativity and it being replaced by the routine life of a grown up
  2. The Evaluative Mindset of a grown up which kills our joy of creatively looking at the situation we are in