Sunday, September 18, 2011

From a Bound Glass to the Free Air

Deep within the monotony around me;
All I see is many like me!
Compromising with the routine and the emptiness of daily life;
The water looked calm from the outside, but there lived a void inside.

Every new person walking in to the routine,
Like a colored drop, was lost,
Either being one of us,
Or occasionally, when many colored drops falling in
Painted us in a new gloss!

Everything around me was changing, yet there was no fulfillment.
Trapped! I felt in all this coloring and slow change.
Bound I felt like the millions around me;
It was the glass that held the water - that bound me.

The tranquility broke, as tough the hidden hand; had shaken the glass.
All the people felt the shake; it was only for a few who were now awake.

I was one of the few, whom the agitation drew,
Unhappy with the state around me,
I moved from wall to wall, bottom to top; In search of that inner peace.

In my confused search, I found –
A bubble - A bubble that grew out of the agitation around me.
On which I decided now to ride.
From the random motions – I was now moving to the top.

It had now opened up a new horizon to me,
As I raise to the surface;
The inner dissatisfaction, calms down,
With a larger view around

I sensed a new beginning,
With the mental agitation calming down
I was bound no more by the walls of the glass,
Or the image that stuck with many of the coloring around.

Freed from my bound; I moved on...
Liberated by the bubble, from the mental agitation,
This was now a new beginning - unbound, undisturbed.
I moved on...
Awaiting a new role – a new place.
I had but found in myself an inner peace,

- Chi

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Polyester Prince - Hamish McDonald

I had got hold of this book from Mumbai road side when I was doing my internship, but had never set reading it until the beginning of this year. And even after I began reading this, I had a lot of distractions which hadn't let me complete the book earlier. Again the long weekends and frequent travels I have been doing off late have given me ample time to really spend time with my books, and that is how I got to complete this book.

The book talks about he era of - Dhirubhai Ambani. One of the icons of Indian business. What I loved the most was not the narration, but the links I could see to the history of India post Independence. Having born in this country with rich traditions approximately 35 years after we had gained independence, I have for a long time missed knowing how this country functioned and operated before my birth. I had another agenda when I began reading this book which is about the life of another entrepreneur.

This book has got me to realize not just the hardships Dhirubhai had to face, but also got me to realize how it was to live in an era of license raj. This book also gave me a peep into the importance of policitical back up for a business when its in a phase of scaline up.

Over all an interestin read! You would enjoy it, if you are interested in the business-politico history of a country.