Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Just as I completed reading this book - "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out - The Best Short Works of Richard Feynman" I went on to reflect on some of the learnings I have had in my life and how I could improve having read it. The book was extremely interesting, in that I didnt feel like leaving it unfinished once I had taken it up. 

Having worked in the field of education, it was extremely relevant - expecially the sections where Feynman discusses his thought about how science needs to be taught and how his initial foundation was set up by this father at an early age towards becoming a scientist. The thought kind of reflected some of the methods I have been pondering about over the last few months and possibly the reflection of these thoughts as I read through the book was something that might have biased further. 

Some of the sections of the book were a repetition for me having read the book - "Surely you must be Joking Mr Feynman" - blogged earlier

I loved reading this book and guess you too would enjoy reading this book where one of the greatest scientists of the recent past shares his thought on a variety of things from education to science to philosophy and religion. I would suggest this is a must read for all those people who would like to hear someone really engaging.

Monday, April 2, 2012

ReWork - Jasyon & Hansson

It has been more than a quarter into the current year, and I haven't really written anything! Some times you get so involved in your work that you don't take time out for something that you value a lot!

I recently completed reading this book - "Rework" by Jason Fried and David Hansson. The book is easily one of the best reads I have had about working. It really changes the way you work if you implement it in real.

The logic of the argument put forth by the authors is something that would get you to move towards looking at an alternate way of approach towards working itself - hence the name - Rework. 

Very simple ready - you could finish this off in a couple of hours straight. A must read for a all the IT tech savvy people. 

The book as such cannot be used for people in the manufacturing sectors and SMEs... that's something one needs to adapt from this book.