Monday, February 18, 2013

Entrepedia-Nandini Vaidyanathan

I just completed reading this book too - Entrepedia just hours after having completed the earlier book - Sea of Poppies.

A book I could easily ignore... really! I have been engaged with NSRCEL for quite some time now and have seen a lot more intense interactions.. guess this is one of the reasons why I feel so. I feel the content of the book is just superficial. The intensity of mentoring start-ups is much much intense and this just doesn't give any significant value for the reader.

Note all this is my personal opinion, guess there might be people with different opinion... but my reco is please ignore the book.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sea of Poppies - Amitav Ghosh

It has be a long time since I have blogged anything here. I just completed reading a book and thought this would be a good starting point for this year's blog posting.

I had begun reading Sea of Poppies quite some time ago... donot remember when exactly. However given the pressing demands I put on my time, reading this had taken a back seat. I finally completed it yesterday night!

While I began reading the first two sections of the book which were named - Land and River, the pace was pretty slow. Starting with different themes, and moving pretty slow, but as Amitav Ghosh builds it up to the end in the "Sea" section, I found the book most engaging. It was also a reflection of the distances between the stories during the initial phase that probably didnt get me that pushy into completing the reading in one sitting, but as I began the Third section, I just couldnt wait to finish and see what next. 

Another aspect of the book was the use of Hidustani to highlight the conversations between the people. I was really interesting to know the usage of this language and how it relates to various dialects that were found during the time...

A wonderful read, and definitely this book has made me a fan of Amitav Ghosh and his righting. A very good read.... pick your copy and get to reading...