Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Poor Little Rich Slum - Rashmi Bansal & Deepak Gandhi

Traveling is a really interesting learning period. 

Yes, it really is - that is why the old adage in Kannada Says - "Desha Nodu, Kosha Odu" (Roam around your country, Read books) yes that's the best way to acquire knowledge. 

Pretty much that's is what happened this time when I was traveling to  Tirupati. I picked up one of the books from my shelf - still unread yet small in size. It was - Poor Little Rich Slum. 

Yes... its another of the books by Rashmi Bansal. The book is about Asia's Largest Slum - Dharavi, lying in the heartland of Mumbai. I had heard quite a bit of the entrepreneurial activity that happens in Dharavi and thought it would be a quick read. 

Just 2 minutes into the read and I was completely engrossed into it. Loved the stories of the entreprenuers there and also the change makers. These were the two major sections of the book and just loved knowing about these entrepreneurs. 

I suggest this be an essential read for those people who want to know about the entrepreneur scene in India. 

Go ahead... Its worth a buy. Read it and enjoy the Journey through Dharavi.