Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen - Porus Munshi

It has been long since I completed a book. I generally read multiple books at a time and the one that catches my interest the most is the one which gets completed the earliest.

Entrepreneurship is so much about keeping yourself inspired and at the required task most of the time. Books are probably the best source of inspiration and this book
"Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen", is probably amongst the top few books in the category.

Its a book about India and Indians who made a dent in the history of innovation. It the story of 11 companies/individual who made the impossible. Its definitely worth a read. Take a personal copy I would not share mine!
The instances in the book are:
Dainik Bhaskar
Arvind Eye Hospital
Bosch India
Trichi Police
Chola Vehicle Finance
Titan Edge
Shanta Biotech
The Surath Transformation

Each of these stories are so inspiring and get you on your feet and in action... It makes you feel better. This book would always remain to have a special impact on my life and will hold a special place.