Monday, June 17, 2013

Big Bets, Big Rewards - Sushil Mantri

This book accidentally landed up in my kitty of reading. While working at NSRCEL, there are numerous books on entrepreneurs that you would get to lay your hands on and this was one such. I borrowed the book to read and its simple narrative style caught my attention.

Illustrating not his complete life story, but some interesting events that happened and how he negotiated them - Sushil Matri scripts his journey up the ladder. There are interesting nuances he gets out about how he leveraged the various things at his disposal to really build the Mantri story. I loved these narrations.

This book is an interesting read - and I suggest this book to any one who is looking to get into entrepreneurship. Having said this and known the little I know from the book, I think this book is also a precursor to something that might be coming up soon - a Mantri IPO? the guess stays...