Thursday, November 15, 2012

Scuba-Sutras - Guhesh Ramanathan

Scuba Sutras" - Guhesh whom I have known for just over an year now is a diving enthusiast and an executive coach + a mentor to many companies has written this book! Well very few times do I get to say I know the author of a book in person isnt it! The last time was with "Plunge" - Rakesh Godhwani.

In the book Guhesh talks about 10 lessons he has learnt from under the sea and shares his experiences from the real scuba diving to instances from business that we see every day. The 10 Scuba Sutras are:
  1. I will never dive without a check
  2. I will maintain neutral buoyancy
  3. I will enjoy the dive, not just the fish
  4. I will be a good buddy
  5. I will not confuse expertise with certificates
  6. I will respect the currents around me
  7. I will remember that trigger fish can be more dangerous than sharks
  8. I will remember my 50 bar limit
  9. I will pass on my enthusiasm to a non-diver
  10. I will remember there is always another ocean to dive
This extremely simple read is an engaging one and one could finish it one sitting. Read it on...
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Here is my pic with the Author :)